Tyre Changing Service at The Car Edition: Mastering Tyre Maintenance in Huntingdon
Tyre Changing Service at The Car Edition: Mastering Tyre Maintenance in Huntingdon

Tyre Changing Service at The Car Edition: Mastering Tyre Maintenance in Huntingdon

April 29, 2024

At The Car Edition, we are excited to announce the expansion of our services with the addition of a new tire changing facility. Equipped with the latest tools capable of handling tyres up to 24 inches, our new service aims to provide comprehensive tyre solutions for all types of vehicles, from family cars to high-performance sports cars and everything in between.


Why Choose Our Tire Changing Services?

Our facility is not just about changing tyres. We offer a full suite of tire services including balancing, tracking, and wheel alignment, ensuring that your new tyres are perfectly set up for maximum performance and longevity. Utilising advanced technology, we can handle all your tyre needs with precision and care.


Comprehensive Vehicle Care

Beyond tire services, The Car Edition continues to offer a wide range of automotive services. Whether you need a routine Car Service, MOT in Huntingdon, or specialised services like Carbon Cleaning or Walnut Blasting, our expert team is here to help. We also provide advanced detailing services, including Car Wrapping, Paint Protection Film (PPF), and Window Tinting, to not only maintain but enhance your vehicle’s aesthetic.


Located Right Here in Huntingdon

Easily accessible for all residents in and around Huntingdon, our garage is equipped to handle a variety of automotive needs. From basic Car Servicing and Repairs to more complex Gearbox Flushes and Air Conditioning Regas, we are your go-to mechanic in Huntingdon.


The Importance of Regular Tire Maintenance

Maintaining your tyres is crucial for ensuring safety, enhancing vehicle performance, and improving fuel efficiency. Our new tyre changing service includes thorough checks for wear and tear, advice on tyre maintenance, and recommendations for optimal tyre rotation schedules to help extend the life of your tyres.


Visit Us Today

Don’t wait for a flat to think about your tyres. Visit The Car Edition for top-notch tire services that keep you rolling smoothly and safely. 


For more information or to book your tire service:

🌐 www.thecaredition.co.uk

📧 [email protected]

☎️ 01480 759004

📍 Cinch Storage, Unit 4 St Margarets Way, Stukeley Meadows Industrial Estate, Huntingdon PE29 6EB


Ensure your vehicle is in top form with the best in automotive care at The Car Edition—where your vehicle’s needs are our top priority.

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