Winter Car Maintenance Tips from The Car Edition in Huntingdon
Winter Car Maintenance Tips from The Car Edition in Huntingdon

Winter Car Maintenance Tips from The Car Edition in Huntingdon

January 19, 2024

As winter tightens its icy grip, it’s crucial to ensure that your vehicle is prepared to face the challenges that cold weather brings. At The Car Edition in Huntingdon, we understand the impact of winter on cars, and we’re here to share comprehensive winter maintenance tips that will keep your vehicle running smoothly through the frosty months.


Engine Health in the Cold:

Cold weather can strain your engine, affecting its performance. Regularly check your oil levels and consider using winter-grade oil to ensure optimal engine lubrication.


Battery Care:

Batteries often struggle in the cold. Have your battery tested to ensure it’s in good condition, and keep terminals clean. Consider investing in a trickle charger for prolonged periods of inactivity.


Antifreeze Levels:

Antifreeze is your car’s armor against freezing temperatures. Check the levels regularly and maintain the right coolant-to-water ratio to prevent the radiator from freezing.


Tire Pressure and Tread:

Cold air causes tire pressure to drop. Keep tires properly inflated, and ensure there’s enough tread depth for traction on icy roads. Consider switching to winter tires for added grip.


Brake Inspection:

Brakes are crucial for winter safety. Regularly inspect brake pads and discs for wear. Icy conditions demand optimal braking performance.


Lights and Visibility:

Days are shorter in winter, so ensure all lights are functioning correctly. Clean headlights and taillights to maximize visibility during snowfall or misty conditions.


Heater and Defroster Check:

Your comfort matters too. Ensure your heater and defroster are working efficiently, providing warmth and maintaining clear visibility through all windows.


Wiper Blades and Washer Fluid:

Replace worn-out wiper blades and top up your washer fluid with a winter-grade solution. This ensures effective windshield cleaning even in freezing temperatures.


Inspect Belts and Hoses:

Cold weather can make belts and hoses brittle. Regularly inspect them for signs of wear, and replace if necessary to prevent unexpected breakdowns.


Mechanic’s Insight:

Consider scheduling a winter check-up with a trusted mechanic. At The Car Edition in Huntingdon, our skilled mechanics offer services like carbon cleaning, walnut blasting, and gearbox flushes to keep your vehicle in top condition.


Winter car maintenance is a proactive approach to ensure your vehicle remains reliable, efficient, and safe during the colder months. At The Car Edition, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch car services in Huntingdon. Book your winter check-up today by calling 01480 759 004 or visiting our location at Cinch Storage, Unit 4 St Margarets Way, Stukeley Meadows Industrial Estate, Huntingdon PE29 6EB. Drive confidently through winter with The Car Edition by your side.

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