Your Trusted Car Repair Garage in Huntingdon – The Car Edition
Your Trusted Car Repair Garage in Huntingdon – The Car Edition

Your Trusted Car Repair Garage in Huntingdon – The Car Edition

Welcome to The Car Edition, your go-to car repair garage in Huntingdon, dedicated to providing top-notch services to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. Our team of experienced mechanics is committed to delivering quality repairs and maintenance to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience. Let’s explore the range of services we offer at our garage.


1. Battery Replacement: Is your car struggling to start, or have you noticed a decline in battery performance? At The Car Edition in Huntingdon, we specialize in battery replacement services. Our skilled technicians will assess your battery health, and if needed, we’ll efficiently replace it with a reliable and long-lasting battery to keep you on the road.


2. Comprehensive Car Service: Regular car servicing is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s performance and longevity. Our comprehensive car service covers everything from oil changes and fluid checks to thorough inspections. Trust The Car Edition in Huntingdon to provide professional car servicing tailored to your car’s needs.


3. Brake Pad Replacement: Squeaky brakes or reduced braking efficiency? It might be time for a brake pad replacement. Our garage in Huntingdon offers expert brake pad replacement services. Our skilled mechanics will assess your brake system, recommend the right brake pads, and ensure a seamless replacement, enhancing your vehicle’s safety.


4. Engine Diagnostics and Repair: Experiencing unusual sounds or a decline in engine performance? Our garage in Huntingdon provides advanced engine diagnostics and repair services. We use state-of-the-art tools to identify and address engine issues promptly, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly.


5. Exhaust System Inspection and Repairs: A healthy exhaust system is vital for your car’s performance and environmental impact. At The Car Edition, we offer thorough exhaust system inspections and repairs. Whether it’s a minor leak or a more significant issue, our skilled team will get your exhaust system back in shape.


6. Air Conditioning Service: Ensure your comfort on the road with our air conditioning services. Our experts will inspect, clean, and recharge your AC system, ensuring it operates efficiently. Stay cool and comfortable during your journeys with our air conditioning services in Huntingdon.


7. Clutch Replacement: Experiencing issues with your clutch, such as slipping or difficulty shifting gears? Our garage specialises in clutch replacement services. Our skilled technicians will diagnose the problem, recommend the right solution, and efficiently replace your clutch to restore smooth gear transitions.


8. Steering and Suspension Repairs: Maintain precise control and a smooth ride with our steering and suspension repair services. From worn-out shocks to steering component issues, our skilled mechanics will identify and address issues, ensuring optimal handling and ride comfort.


9. Engine Rebuild: For more extensive engine issues, we offer engine rebuild services to restore your vehicle’s performance.


10. Transmission Flush: Additionally, our transmission flush services help maintain the health of your transmission, ensuring smooth gear shifts and prolonged transmission life.


Professional Advice and Friendly Service: At The Car Edition, we pride ourselves not only on our technical expertise but also on providing excellent customer service. Our team is here to offer professional advice, transparent communication, and a friendly atmosphere. We value your trust and strive to make your experience with us positive and stress-free.


Visit The Car Edition in Huntingdon:

Contact: 01480 759004

Email: [email protected]


Location: Cinch storage, Unit 4 St Margarets Way, Stukeley Meadows Industrial Estate, Huntingdon PE29 6EB


Whether you need routine maintenance or specialised services like engine rebuilds, transmission flushes, or walnut blasting, The Car Edition in Huntingdon is your trusted automotive partner. Schedule an appointment with us, and let our skilled mechanics take care of your vehicle’s needs. Trust us for quality repairs, friendly service, and a commitment to keeping you safely on the road.

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