The Benefits of Carbon Cleaning (Walnut Blasting) for Your Car
The Benefits of Carbon Cleaning (Walnut Blasting) for Your Car

The Benefits of Carbon Cleaning (Walnut Blasting) for Your Car

November 20, 2023

Breathe new life into your car’s engine with The Car Edition, your trusted ENGINE DETOX SPECIALISTS. Imagine a Walnut Blasting treatment as a spa day for your vehicle, cleansing it of carbon buildup and grime. As your go-to garage in Huntingdon, serving Bedford, Northampton, Peterborough, and beyond, we’re thrilled to introduce this transformative service that not only cleanses but elevates your car’s performance to new heights.


Why Walnut Blasting? 

Similar to a spa’s deep cleanse, our Walnut Blasting service acts as a rejuvenating treatment for your car’s engine, eliminating the accumulated grunge that impedes its vitality. As pioneers among nationwide garages, The Car Edition offers you the chance to experience this cutting-edge treatment that has garnered acclaim across the globe.


When Should You Consider Walnut Blasting?

  • Purchased a used car with an unclear service history?
  • Want to enhance the quality of life for your high-mileage vehicle?
  • Desiring to prevent deterioration and reduce engine noise?
  • Seeking more power and responsiveness during accelerations?
  • Planning an upgrade to superior engine oil?
  • Undergoing turbo replacement, head gasket repair, or MOT emissions issues?

The Benefits Unveiled:

  • Boosts fuel economy by up to 25%
  • Amplifies power (6BHP) and torque (7Ftlb) on average
  • Reduces CO emissions by an average of 69%
  • Slashes smoke emissions by an average of 58%
  • Improves overall engine performance and drivability
  • Yields a visibly cleaner oil post-treatment
  • Provides a smoother, quieter engine experience
  • Prevents premature engine wear and removes sludge, debris, and varnish
  • Like removing cholesterol from the arteries of your car

Why Choose The Car Edition? Our team of skilled mechanics at The Car Edition understands the intricacies of your car’s well-being. Beyond Walnut Blasting, we offer an array of services ranging from Car Servicing and Repairs to Carbon Clean and Engine Rebuilds. Serving Huntingdon, Bedford, Northampton, Peterborough, and more, we’re your reliable pit stop for automotive excellence.


Email us: [email protected] or give us a call at 01480 759 004. Let us be your trusted partner in delivering top-notch automotive services.

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